Sunday, January 15, 2006


Fencing for Life

Fencing is a sport that can be pursued for life. Fencing is a lot like golf and tennis in that you can keep doing it well into your "mature" years. I really enjoy fencing the older fencers because they bring their own style and attitude and amazing skills.

People that have been fencing longer than my life time have developed amazing skills in timing and point control. Their reflexes are finely tuned and efficient. They have learned to just use what they need exactly when they need it, and not a bit more. This way the veteran fencers are able to maintain their stamina longer than someone younger that uses a lot of superfluous movements.

Veteran fencers are hard to fool. They will watch what counts, your weapon hand and your lead foot. They can see both simultaneously and will be able to determine what action is appropriate based on the order of movement of the weapon hand and lead foot. If you start with your weapon hand they will know to step back and parry riposte. If you start with your foot, they will know to attack in preparation.

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