Saturday, February 24, 2007


February/March/April update

Hi to all,

Here is a February/March/April update for everyone.

Firstly, this Saturday, February 24, DFA will be celebrating its 4th anniversary! (The coach will also be celebrating a birthday that day, but she's slightly older). There will be lessons and fencing from
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and then coffee, cake and celebrating from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please stop by and join us.

Secondly, results from the Junior Olympics, held in Denver, Colorado, February 16-19, 2007.

There were 1,700 fencers competing in J.O.'s! We had Scot Pippin,
Nico Bergmann competing in Cadet and Junior Men's Sabre, Masaki Yamada competing in Cadet Men's Sabre and Gretchen Bueermann competing
in Cadet Women's Sabre. Each event had 169, 174 and 119 entries respectively. Linden Ballen competed in Junior Men's Epee and
there were 228 entries! They all did a great job, having been seeded near the bottom, but when the dust cleared and the D.E.'s were over,
everyone finished higher than they had been seeded.

My congratulations go to all the participants, and my thanks to the parents, for their emotional and financial support.

Thirdly, the next tournament is March 3 and 4 at San Bernardino Valley College. This is a qualifying tournament for the National Championships which will be held in Miami, Florida. This tournament
is not a "regular" division tournament with points, simply a qualifier. Diane Whan will be at SBVC to run the tournament. DFA will be open that Saturday for lessons and fencing. Our fencers are not quite ready for Nationals so, if there is another "open" tournament at Long Beach or San Diego, I would recommend our competitive fencers participate in that competition and not go to the March qualifier at SBVC. Only go to the qualifier if you plan on going to Nationals.

Fourthly, I would recommend to our competitive fencers to go to the Junior Pacific Coast Championships, being held in Pasadena, March 16-19. I am helping to run that tournament, so I will be there for coaching, among other duties. So, DFA will be closed that Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17.

Go to the Pacific Coast Section website. All the info is there with entry forms. Entry deadline is March 1.

Fifthly, the next San Bernardino division tournament that will be held at College of the Desert will be Saturday, April 21.

Lastly, in addition to my email address, would you please add this second address, which is
I may be switching over to Verizon at some time, but if you get an email from guplet1 at either earthlink or, you'll know it is an email from me.

I think that just about covers all the news for now. Please email me if you have any questions.


Monday, February 12, 2007


Tournament Results January 13th 2007

Hi to all,
Here are the results for Saturday's tournament.
Results for January 13, 2007 San Bernardino Division tournament at Victor Valley High School
Mixed Open Epee, A2 Event:
1. Chris Pinkowski Unattached Earned his A07
2. Josh Butler DFA
3. Deric Clarke BHFC
3. Jeff Cordner Fortune Earned his B07
5. Jordan Sandler UCLA Earned his C07
6. Gabriel Lira SBVC
7. Doug Thisthlethwaite Unattached
8. Maxwell Kleeman Fortune Earned hisC07
9. Bill Gelnaw Aramis
10. Mark Olson Unattached Earned his D07
11. Eugene Park H & S
12. Jon Magner SBVC
13. Camille Gallardo BHFC
14. Liz Olivas H & S
15. Mitchell Link DFA
16. Lauren Forbes H & S
17. Ocean Boisson BHFC
18. Rikki Tremblay H & S
19. Kenneth Brazee SBVC
20. Edith Van Winkle UCLA
21. George Crosby H & S
22. Gloria Burke SBVC
23. Cassandra Abasta H & S
24. Ashley Crosby H & S
25. Andrea Gory Unattached
26. Fabian Rodriguez H & S
27. Lee Ernst COD
28. Linden Ballen DFA
29. Ruben Quiroz SBVC
30. Jeanette Ridge H & S
31. Tsai, Meng-Hsien H & S
Open Mixed Foil, C1 Event:
1. Bill Gelnaw Aramis Earned his C07
2. Alex Tangkilisan BHFC Earned his D07
3. Leith Hathout LAIFC Earned his D07
3. Reynaldo Navarro SCFC
5. Gabriel Lira SBVC Earned his E07
6. Eugene Park H & S Earned his E07
7. Daniel Baik SCFC Earned his E07
8. Rommel de Jesus H & S Earned his E07
9. Lisa Crosby H & S
10. Ashley Crosby H & S
11. George Crosby H & S
12. Jalonda Watson LASD
13. Judd Mateo LASD
14. Shannon Wedell LASD
15. Eric Hall Salle Guerra
16. Laura Glass Fortune
17. Seth Kasparian LASD
18. Amanda Nguyen LASD
19. Ruben Quiroz SBVC
Open Mixed Sabre, E1 Event:
1. Scott Pippin DFA Earned his E07
2. Nathaniel Talley Unattached
3. Lucas Dobrzinski Salle Guerra
3. Alex Tangkilisan BHFC
5. Masaki Yamada DFA
6. Laura Rangel-Friedman SCFC
7. David Roberts DFA
8. Gretchen Bueermann DFA

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


February 2007 Schedule

Hi to all,
Just a reminder for the month of February......DFA will be closed February 15-19 as I will be in Denver, Colorado, for the Junior Olympics. DFA will resume classes on Tuesday, February 20.

Competing at J.O.'s are Scott Pippin, Nico Bergmann, Masaki Yamada, Gretchen Bueermann in sabre and Linden Ballen in epee.

Saturday, February 24, DFA celebrates its 4th birthday! We will have a birthday party on that Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. with cake and coffee, and everyone is invited to come.

For March......Junior Pacific Coast Championships are being held March 16-18 in Pasadena.
It is an open event and all registration forms are on the Pacific Coast Section website. I would recommend this competition to all our competition fencers, especially since it is a junior event and in our backyard, so to speak. I have been asked to help with that tournament, so I will be there. That does mean that DFA will be closed Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17.

- Leslie

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