Thursday, April 03, 2008


April 2008

Hi…and happy April to everyone.

Information on up coming tournaments and general information for our members but, first, I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me in the 5K Women’s Running Wild event held this past Sunday, March 31, at Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs. The 5K event is to raise money for the Jody Klein Breast Cancer Fund. One hundred twenty-three men and 244 women participated. I held true to my goal of a ten minute mile and ran the 5K (3.1 miles) in 31 minutes. The most moving part of the event is the balloon release. Watching all those pink balloons rise up into the blue sky becomes quite emotional for everyone and you’ll see women, and men, with tears in their eyes as they watch their balloon being lifted up as they remember their loved one. So, to all of you who supported me and made a donation, my deep, deep thanks. All together, we raised $700! Awesome! Thank you.

Tournament Information:

Our next tournament is the Haake und Slasche, Saturday, April 5 at Victor Valley High School. Close of check-in times are 9 a.m. for men’s epee, 11 a.m. for mixed sabre, 12 noon for women’s foil, 1 p.m. for women’s epee, 2 p.m. for women’s foil. Event fee is $10 per weapon. This is a fundraiser for Victor Valley High School and is a division-sanctioned event, but not a division point event. DFA will be open on this Saturday.

Saturday, April 19, our division tournament will be held at Harvey Mudd College. The usual division check-in times, $10 entry fee. DFA will be closed.

PCC’s, Pacific Coast Championships will be held May 10-11, Mother’s Day weekend, in Pasadena at the Pasadena Center. You may register on AskFred; pre-registration closes on May 6. All information and start times are on the Pacific Coast Section website. DFA will be closed.

May 17 is our end-of-season awards tournament held at College of the Desert. DFA will be closed.

Summer Nationals will be held in San Jose, July 1-10. Many of our fencers will be participating in Summer Nationals, as will I. DFA will be closed, but I don’t know the exact dates yet.

Other News:

As we get ready for PCC’s and Nationals, and a summer break, DFA will close July 28-September 2, I want to extend the invitation to all sparring DFA members to come to DFA on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school to simply take advantage of some extra time to work on footwork and to spar with other fencers.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, all I have are lessons scheduled, so if a fencer, who is already at least sparring, wants to come and work out or get together with other fencers to spar, please come on in and do so. It’s your club, so take advantage of Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to come in and do some fencing and training.

Also, we currently have 52 DFA members (yippee!). I have everyone’s lesson schedule in my planner. If you are not able to make your fencing lesson, please let me know. I am constantly getting requests for extra lesson days and times, so if you can’t make a lesson, let me know so I can accommodate another fencer who could take that time slot.

Last item, for those members for whom I run a monthly fencing tab, before you take off for summer vacation, please settle up with me before you go.

Wishing everyone a great April and blissful fencing to all,

Leslie Taft
The Fencing Coach

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