Saturday, June 07, 2008


June News

Hi …and Happy June and Summer 2008 to all!

Congratulations are in order for our DFA fencers graduating from Palm Desert High School this June. Chasen Chapman will be going to Cornell University and Mitchell Link will be traveling to Russia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Both boys have been fencing at DFA since 2003. Chasen has a D06 in epee and Mitchell has a C07.

Linden Ballen finished up his freshman year at Emery-Riddle College in Arizona and has been accepted into the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Linden has been fencing with us in the evenings and taking flying lessons during the day. He’ll be off to the Air Force Academy the 25th of this month to begin his basic training and, yes, Linden will be on the Air Force fencing team.

Scott Pippin will be at the Air Force Academy, kayak camp, Ed Korfanty’s saber camp and competing at Nationals in San Jose.

Masaki Yamada will be in Japan studying the language and culture.

Epee fencer Cassie Bullock, has been elected Senior Class President at Palm Desert High School, will participate in a mini-pentathlon competition June 7 and 8 here in Palm Desert, and then off to New Mexico and Ireland for pentathlon competition and training.

New DFA member, Leah Price, is also a pentathlete , fencing at DFA and getting ready to join her friend, Cassie, in competitions this summer.

And speaking of Pentathlon competitions, there will be a mini-pentathlon this June 7 and 8, with the fencing at College of the Desert, in the Wright Gymnasium, starting at 1:30 p.m., on Sunday, June 8. Everyone is welcome to come and watch.

DFA Summer Schedule:

Other DFA Updates:

For any fencers for whom we run a tab and send an email invoice at the end of the month, before you head out of town this June or July, please settle up your fencing tab. Our fiscal year is September through July and my accountant has made it very clear to me that he does not want any outstanding payments going into September. If you need to mail in a payment, the mailing address is 72-600 Fred Waring Drive, #701, Palm Desert, CA 92260.

A reminder, especially to our new members, your monthly membership fee covers all of DFA’s expenses…, utilities, buying new equipment and gear, washing, cleaning, maintaining, repairing equipment, our website. DFA is truly member supported.

This competitive year, September 2007 to June 2008, DFA has purchased new electric sabers and epees, body cords, saber mask clips, saber masks and lames, saber and epee blades and just this month of June, brand new right handed gloves from H.O.M. Fencing Supply (Sam) to the tune of $400.

So, as my creditors appreciate, and expect, prompt payment, I rely on my members to do the same so we can keep the flow going.

Wishing everyone a great summer and blissful fencing,


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